so many questions.

why does life suck so much. why are people so goddamn shallow. why are "friends" two-faced?
i have so many questions.

life just sucks and i hate it. i dont like people. i dont like places.

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durga durga

JENN! <333 ... this group is getting big haha. Man it sure does suck being grounded. lesson to all you kids . DONT GET CAUGHT DOING BAD THINGS AND GET ARRESTED. .. . the end.

Man. i remember when rob made this years ago. haha. oh man.

a week seems like years when you really want to see somebody :\.

well im done have a good day kids <3
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so yea, i joined. cause i thought the title was funny.

im sam. i live on lake tapps in the area between auburn and scumner(er, sumner). thankfully not lakeland. and right now im 16. i listen to some screamo, some ska, some post hardcore, and yea.


and can i say that the background for this community is kinda fubared?
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I am 18 and i am graduating hs in about a week. i am going to be going to college a 30 min drive away. (I dont drive at this time so i would prob have to take the bus) I have family problems. i dont enjoy living there. i am scared of my dad. he has choked me in the past but it has been almost 4 years since then. last sat he called someone a freak (again) and i asked him not to (again.) we got into an argument about it being his house, and he can say whatever he wants. and that if i want to say hate( which is a word he hates, and doesnt allow ppl to say in 'his house') then i can go out on the street. there was more back an forth between us i ended up going to my room and slaming the door. there were 2 ppl watching all of this going on, and the girl said that when he headed to my room he said 'im going to kill you' then he came through my door and grabed me off my bed (really hurting my arm and jabing his thumb into my nipple which was sore for hours) and said 'lets take this outside'. that really scared me, he could easily hurt me very bad. he is stronger than me and bigger than me. he draged me out to the living room and i sat down in the chair. he tryed to pull me back up and was telling me to get my ass outside. then mom interfeared and i went into her room to 'work it out' ha ha. my mom really wants me to stay there another year so that i can get settled into college. and i would also have more money that way. what do you think i should do?
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